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Red Hunter and Dana Falconberry phone it in from Austin, TX. These two look like a spooky Baptist priest from 1920 and his underage wife staring into the headlights of some strange new horseless carriage contraption. Haunting, mesmerizing, and wonderful, featuring every song from the debut CDr (my favorite release until 'The Ivori Palms') except 'What Happened Up There...' What can be said about Red that hasn't been said already? He's been on the road for almost two years straight, and he's one of the best songwriters alive today.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 08/03/2005


The Owl
People Of The Night
Strange Eyes
Silent Movies
The Apple Tree
Red Sun
The Fall
Couches By The Sea
Dear Old Robyn
How I Wish
The Old Mystery


Red's label, Whiskey and Apples Peter and the Wolf on MySpace Dana on MySpace
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