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John Blain Hunt, Maya Burman-Roy, Alison Eales, Garry Hoggan, and Basil Pieroni phone it in from John's humongous apartment in Glasgow, Scotland. Though the sound quality isn't the best on this show (heck, the band might as well be at the bottom of a well), the melodies shine through brightly. And it's of course always a pleasure to discover that someone whose music you admire is as charming and nice as you hoped they'd be, if not more so.

Luckily, this session did inspire the recording of "The Eighteenth Emergency" EP. Do check this band out, you won't be sorry you did (but you'll be sorry if you don't!).

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 05/03/2007


Trouble & Desire
I Know Who You Could Be
Girls Make Me Sick
React Or Die
Keep Your Powder Dry
I Could Be In Love With Anyone
Profit In Your Poetry
There Is No One


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