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Heartthrob Dennis Holway Driscoll phones it in from his parents' house in Ilwaco, WA. Charming, inspiring, awkward, and great!

"His songs are terminally catchy. For instance, if you hear Dennis Driscoll before breakfast the rest of your day is shot. You'll be saying 'Giiiiirrrrrlllll' to yourself all day. Not only are they terribly contagious, but the questions posed and scenes created are innocently eerie and send the listener back to the lower bunk for dreams of women in 'aeroplanes' and secret passageways. Billy goats running away, pirate ships, swamp monsters, antiquities, apple crisp, Cranberry Road, radio station on the hill, ghosts, mammals, Buddy Holly..."

Nadav Carmel, BSR 02/23/2005


Lonesome Sundown [The Halo Benders]
Halloween [Don Lennon]
He's In Love With You
Red Horse
Lovely Weekend
Everything Will Work Out

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