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ROCK LEGEND Robert Scott (of the Bats, the Clean, and the Magick Heads!) phones it in from Port Chalmers, New Zealand. Unfortunately the sound quality is marred by a lot of interference on this one, but these things sometimes happen with nearly 1,000 miles of ocean in between. There must have been sharks chewing on the undersea phone cable or something. This is up just to say we did it (and cuz' were amazed that Robert actually approached us, instead of the other way around!), look for a follow-up at some point!

Carrie Hadler, BSR 01/11/2007


Later On That Night [The Bats]
Crimson Enemy [The Bats]
Supernova [The Bats]
Lady Takes A Plate
Idle Chatter
Silence Or Something Else [The Clean]
The Iceberg Song
Up To The Sky [The Bats]


Robert on MySpace Robert at Powertool Records The Bats' website The Bats at Magic Marker Records The Bats at Flying Nun Records
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