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Kelli Shay Hicks phones it in from her attic in Nashville, TN. After we battle briefly with weird telephone aliens (which only add to the otherworldly sound), her beautiful autoharp and delicate finger picking shine through loud and clear.

"Kelli Shay Hicks is well versed in the timeless. While her minimalist finger picking style, gentle voice, and wry lyrics recall the 'New Americana' movement, she's not pretending. When you see her play, it becomes clear: This is Kelli Hicks' music. Nothing else."

Carrie Hadler, BSR 04/05/2007


C Minor Interlude
Cash N Carry
Making Rent
Papa Padre

Buck Again
Bigger And Better
May This Be Love [Jimi Hendrix]
This Other Street I Know


Kelli on MySpace Kelli at Carbon Records
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