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Canadian ex-pat Kylewilliam Campol and the Tallahassee All-Star Choir phone it in from, you guessed it, Tallahassee, FL. You see, more than partying goes on at Florida State University! Fun, meaningful, and some of the best sound quality we've achieved yet! Anti-melodic, hyper-passionate, and super-intimate.

"Kylewilliam wears his influences on his sleeve and manages to put a fresh face on what we enjoy from artists like the Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel, Ghost Mice, and many others."

Carrie Hadler, BSR 04/26/2007


Gravediggers On Their Deathbeds, Pt. 2
Staring Blindly Into A Dull Sunset
Doves + Hawks
Innocence Or Pi [George Zhen]
My Sins
Tomorrow, We Start New


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