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Deer Tick, CP/DP, & Liz Isenberg Download mp3 | Stream mp3
Filling in for a last minute cancellation, PVD's brightest lights Chris Paddock, Diego Perez, John McCauley, and Liz Isenberg phone it in from Providence, RI. What rightfully should have been an historic session is marred by terrible cel phone quality, though there are still moments of clarity. But rest assured that if you check them all out individually, you will not be disappointed.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 09/27/2007


Chris Paddock - I Wish You Didn't Move So Far Away (So We Could Start A Band Together)
Deer Tick - Baltimore Blues No. 1
Liz Isenberg - People Who Die In The Desert
Diego Perez - It Was A Mistake
Diego Perez - I Fell In Love With The Devil
CP/DP, Deer Tick, Liz Isenberg - Silent Night [traditional]
Chris Paddock - These Old Shoes
Liz Isenberg - Carpenter Ants


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