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Is it Robert Pollard? No! Even better, it's the first ever live performance by the ridiculously prolific yet highly secretive (or just shy) Capstan Shafts. Dean Wells phones it in from Lyndonville, VT. Between the timbre of Dean's voice and the hiss of the phone, it's enough to bring me to tears of joy. Also our first show over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Dean's hit-to-miss ratio is astounding; every one of the Capstan Shafts' barrage of albums will someday be studied in order to learn how he did it.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 08/17/2006


Sideburns [From 'Euridice Proudhon']
Little Burst Of Sunshine [From 'Hope Gets Wheels']
Can't Climb A Tree (Without Breaking A Few Branches) [From 'The Sleeved & Grandaughters Of The Blacklist']
Sometimes The Horns [From 'The Night Shrine Of Well-Groomed Lawns']
Sunshine Profligate [From 'Euridice Proudhon']
More Lovely Than Likely [From 'The Megafauna Undermined']
The Day You Called Me Pretty [From 'Chick Cigarettes']
Sleepcure Theory Advancer [From 'Euridice Proudhon']


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