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"Funnier than Bright Eyes since 2004", the Elastic No-No Band (not to be confused with the Plastic ono Band)- Antifolk all-stars Justin Remer, Herb Scher, Preston Spurlock (of the Sewing Circle), and Doug Johnson- phones it in from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NY. A rare full band Phoning It In. Cowboy songs about girls, man boobs, and girls. How can you not love a band that has their own theme song?

"Elastic No-No Band was, like Nine Inch Nails, originally basically a one-man band. Singer/guitarist/songwriter Justin Remer created music for his short films using the Elastic No-No Band name and then started making lo-fi CD-R albums for his friends and anyone else interested. The songs were, and continue to be, a vast array of musical character studies, off-color novelty tunes, semi-geeky tributes to pop-culture, and combinations of the above."

As Toby Goodshank sez': "Tighter than Steely Dan's asshole."

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 02/14/2008


Elastic No-No Band Theme Song
The Shame About Man Boobs
(Everywhere I Look) I See Your Face
I Wonder How Many People Are Screwing Tonight
Exception To The Rule
A Modest Proposal (For Laura Cantrell)
Imaginary Girlfriend

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