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Ben Miller, Jeffrey Prystowsky, and Jocie Adams phone it in (again!) from Providence, RI, from a time before telephones. Their first attempt, one of this show's best sessions, was thwarted by BSR technical difficulties, but this one's intact and just as creaky and awesome. The Low Anthem play mournful and perfect Americana in the deepest historical sense, unplugged with a pump organ, horn and clarinet, guitar, of course, and a shaky kit (not to mention some beautiful phone feedback). The old is new again. Make a tape and listen to it through tin cans and twine.

And introducing Phoning It In's next host, Gabe.

James Brandt, BSR 05/01/2008


To Ohio
The Ballad Of The Broken Bones
Ticket Taker
This God Damn House
To The Ghosts Who Write History Books

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