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Post-Utopian Pacific Northwest folk-pop super-group and celebrities in New Zealand Colleen Johnson (aka Miss Spindleheart, aka Twig Palace), Jordan Smith (aka Jordan O'Jordan), and Onyx of Olympia (alias unknown) phone it in from Columbus, OH while on their first tour of the States.

"Their blend of banjo/harp/ukulele/guitar/clapgame music draws heavily from American folk, but finds inspiration in everything from Medieval rounds to ghost-lover ballads."

Also thrown in is a healthy dash of radical politics, but elegantly, something rare in radical music. They play together rarely, too, so this one's real special. Is there anything more wonderful than the joy of singing with good friends? Like being wrapped up in a warm hug or a cool breeze.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 06/26/2008


Wicker Frames
Cherry Blossoms
Little Finger
Up All Night
Left Alone


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