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Not to be confused with the conservative blogger of the same name, Jack Lewis the musician and artist phones it in from Portland, OR.

It's impossible to talk about Jack without mentioning his prolific older brother Jeff, with whom he frequently collaborates- and now having done that we can continue on with Jack. Though he often goes by the middle name 'Lesser' (or sometimes 'Laissez Faire'), he's certainly no less talented, no less weird, the "Jonathan Richman to his bro's John Darnielle", if you will.

Be it with Herman Dune, his own Cutoffs or the Woodgrain, the musical experiment Guitar Situations, or playing bass with Jeff, Jack brings his own joyous, off-kilter, off-key, unique, and- fuck it- wonderfully quirky slant to contemporary phenomena like modern video art, dance parties, and Neil Young's eventual passing.

Nadav Carmel, WMBR 07/17/2008


Fell In Love Again
New Year's Day
The Day Neil Young Died
The Mexican Blanket
Wait It Out


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