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Mark Mandeville, Raianne Richards, and Zack Ciras phone it in from Dudley, MA. A self-described "all-acoustic, non-percussive chamber folk trio" playing "angular, concise mixture of bluegrass picking, sea chantey sing-a-longs, and folk singer-songwriting". The shaky sound quality at the beginning of the set coalesces quickly into some beautifully creaky songs. TATLMTTW's tales may be delicately woven, but the robust instrumentation (banjo, cello, clarinet, and more) and strong voices warm you like a fire on a cold, wet New England night.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 02/08/2009


Hole Of Doubt
By Way Of Our Own
Tell Me Something
The Island Gospel
Nervous Hands
Try, Try, Try

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