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"Love songs for punk rockers, protest songs for pop fans."

The legendary Pete Dale (Slampt Records! Milky Wimpshake! Red Monkey!) phones it in from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. calls Pete 'punk folk' (as opposed to folk-punk, I guess) or 'twee skiffle', neither of which, I guess again, are off the mark. Picture Woody Guthrie fronting the Buzzcocks; the names Billy Bragg and Phil Ochs get bandied about as well when discussing his solo stuff. Pete's songs are a superb mix of the political, the personal, and the gloriously mundane, thrown into the indiepop blender with the lid off and splattered on the wall. If there are important questions, I don't ask them. Just four new songs, an ace cover, a MW classic, and an unreleased love song for his eldest daughter!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 04/15/2009


Eyeball To Eyeball
Cherry Pop
I Don't Want To Take A Chance [Mary Wells]
Willow Rose
Alice Nebulae
I Love You, You Weirdo


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