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Siblings Rebecca and Josh Redman phone it in from KCSB in Santa Barbara, CA. Rebecca writes the songs, plays the harp (a first on Phoning It In!), and is also in Girl Band and maybe Sausage Dog. Josh (aka Hoshwa) plays the baritone ukulele, sometimes records as Cave Babies, and is the dancing genius behind the!! radio show. Don't let Joanna Newsom or the Renaissance Festival lull you into thinking there's only one way to skin a harp, though. Watercolor Paintings make intimate and perfect Impressionistic pop songs, a far-cry from psych-folk pretensions, or any pretensions at all, really. They don't sound like anyone else, and listening to them, one gets the impression they're loads of fun to hang out with. So look for them soon at a DIY venue near you!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 04/15/2009


Telephone Wires
A Possibility
Untitled [Sausage Dog]
A Simple Hello [Girl Band]
All Of Our Lives


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