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DIY heroes of the highest caliber Jon Middleton (Growth Spert) and Liz Tapia (Scoliosis Never Straight, Cocktail Pinata) phone it in from the Firefly infoshop in Miami, FL. Growing up in Broward County was pretty boring, but Miami seems more interesting than I always gave it credit for, and here's the evidence.

Growth Spert is pretty indescribable and indescribably great. Originally from Jonesboro, AR, Jon's songs are WEIRD, poppy concoctions about the evils of the world that is, and the way things should be. It's acoustic, but it sure ain't folk. I'd never heard of Liz before; and don't try looking, because there ain't much online. Cocktail Pinata is a folk-punk band, and SNS is Liz's never-recorded solo guise. Moody, acoustic, flamenco-punk slow-burners in English and Spanish, part of the Miami DIY youth scene happening RIGHT NOW. Sounds wonderful, so let's hope for more soon!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 04/15/2009


Scoliosis Never Straight - Moonshine
Growth Spert - Life In The Toilet
Scoliosis Never Straight - Maribelle
Growth Spert - Green Balloon
Scoliosis Never Straight - Solo Tu
Growth Spert - I Don't Wanna See The Money
Scoliosis Never Straight - Amy
Growth Spert - Save Yourself
Scoliosis Never Straight - Introduccion
Growth Spert - Not Your Enemy


Growth Spert on MySpace Growth Spert previously on Phoning It In The Firefly
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