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Recent transplants from Boulder, CO Chuck Potashner (most notably of teamAWESOME!, but also of Pyro Bunny Voices, Racing Towards Red Lights, Naked Sounds, and sometimes Transistor Radio Sound) and Anthea Osguthorp (Antz, teamAWESOME!) phone it in from San Diego, CA. Chuck calls his songs "nerdy funtime jamzzzz", which is true enough, but also selling himself short. Even acoustic, these anthems to the everyday are effusive and undeniable. Dude is a hit machine-and-a-half! Pop bliss.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 04/17/2009


12 Times [teamAWESOME!]
Cars! [teamAWESOME!]
Slightly Unhealthy Love Song
Distant Stars
Give Me Back My Things


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