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Thom Moore (Chicken on a Raft, Nedelle & Thom) and Greg Moore (Sandycoates, Owl & the Pussycat) phone it in from the Neighborhood Center of the Arts in Grass Valley, CA. Of all the Brothers in pop music (the Pernice Brothers, the Avett Brothers, the Felice Brothers, um, the Jonas Brothers, the Neville Brothers, etc.), the Brothers Moore have gotta be my favorite. While their flawless harmonies owe much to Simon & Garfunkel and 70s AM radio, the Moore Bros. nevertheless forge a sound all their own, at once familiar and unique. You might think that augmenting the usual dude-with-a-guitar equation with just another dude (not even another guitar!) wouldn't amount to much, but here you would be dead, dead wrong: the results are exponential. With the simplest of ingredients, the Moore Bros. craft a folk-pop concoction of the finest vintage. Plus, some rapping for good measure.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 04/29/2009


Bury Me Under The Kissing Teens
Fishes With Faces

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