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Multi-talented actress and singer Christine Stephanie Ghawi phones it in from her parents' house in Montreal, QC. A prodigious natural talent (she played Celine Dion in the 2008 Canadian TV biopic), you'd never guess from her multi-layered, multi-part songs that she's only been writing them for less than a year. Her most recent projects are improv-cum-rock collective PAN! and character Cherry of the fictional 90s sensation the Tuff Muffs. This stuff is too weird to ever make it big, but here's the thing: Christine has the drive to do it anyway. And she will. A list of just some her inspirations (Chaka Khan, Radiohead, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Montreal) might not lead you to the right conclusion, so here it is: girl can fucking sing. Girl can fucking play. And baby, we like it raw.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 05/22/2009


Tell Me Something Good
X Static
Ode To A Rainbow


Christine on MySpace PAN! on MySpace Video of Christine phoning in 'Ode to a Rainbow'
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