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Our first call to Espana! Francisco Rojo phones it in from Madrid, Spain via a brittle long-distance connection (though the sound quality actually improves as the set goes on). Don't let the moniker or the accent fool you. In TSNTS I hear some of America's finest songwriters, from Bob Dylan and James Taylor (that's right, I said it) to John Darnielle and Jeff Tweedy. I like Xisco's own bio best:

"The ghetto exiles told that he came from Berlin, and in the caves of Leon's Mounts they assure that he is a relative of the Spirit of the Hoar-frost. A nomad with guitar that is baptised every day in the channels and in the fountains, and that composes for the hat that rolls among the flowers, for the first ice that breaks, for the last sip of wine before giving your steps to fury... clap three times and he will appear: The Singer Not The Song."

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 06/27/2009


How It Is (They Act Like They've Never Heard It)
Of(f) A Sinking Ship
The Song I Sing When I Am Here


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