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Alyssa Roberts (NunParty) and Andrew Smith (Airport of Love) phone it in from Baltimore, MD. Upbeat and bittersweet pop songs recalling the best of the Softies, the Aislers Set, or contemporaries the Dum Dum Girls, played acoustic in the bathroom for maximum natural reverb. Short and sweet, slanted and perfect.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 07/08/2009


Andy's Airport of Love - Let Summer Into Your Life
NunParty - Edna-Ann's Boy Troubles
NunParty - Frida's Birthday Bash
Andy's Airport of Love - Childhood Friend Of William Morris
NunParty - All You Ever Read
NunParty - Architect Of My Heart
NunParty - Elevator Love Cruise


NunParty on MySpace Andy's Airport of Love on MySpace Summer Camp Records Andy's Airport of Love at Rack & Ruin Records
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