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Kazoo wiz Jim Gorton and some friends phone it in from Oklahoma City, OK. Wonderfully blown out blues and radical folk, with just enough of a modern bent to avoid any revivalist baggage. The whole set sounds like a lovingly well-worn 78rpm record. If Woody Guthrie were still alive, or Pete Seeger were a younger man, they'd be playing infoshops and house shows alongside Jim. It's hard to write political acoustic songs and not sound like a dope, but Jim manages it gracefully, making 'em both catchy and fun taboot. So sidle up to the fire for some good listening.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 07/09/2009


Why Do You Have To Do Anything For A Living
Go Write A Song About It
Pyromania Is For Lovers
The Puritan Entrails
Jet Black Hearse
Song About Anxiety
After The Collapse?
Broke Not Broken In?
The Existentialist


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