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Sean Real, Sofia Bell, and Dannie Murrie phone it in from Emeryville, CA, between Oakland and Berkeley. Little Teeth traffic in a kind of impossible to classify but easy to enjoy Americana/spasm music similar to other Phoning It In faves Lurch & Holler, Hubcap City (From Belgium), and Uke of Phillips/Uke of Spaces Corners County. Theirs (Little Teeth's) is a rusty and broken country, salvaged from the junkyard or dug up in the backyard, played on an army of different instruments and augmented with bird-like whistling and animal-like howls. Only two songs, but each is a 10+ minute epic journey down the drain of the kitchen sink, with the vegetables and the chicken bones.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 09/21/2009


Heavy Evidence


Little Teeth on MySpace Little Teeth at Absolutely Kosher Records
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