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Quiet dude Chris Weisman (brother to Feathers' Kurt Weisman, Greg Davis collaborator, member of the band Happy Birthday, guitar teacher, and more) phones it in from Brattleboro, VT. A songwriter's songwriter, Chris has been sitting on hundreds of songs, hardly released, because why?, so Greg Davis compiled and put out a disc of his favorites.

Cavernous and tiny at the same time, totally entrancing and poppy, too. Think of a Rivulets meets Death Vessel vibe, tunes floating on the breeze, muted even with the volume turned up loud in the KDVS recording studio. So crank this with the windows open.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 09/25/2009


Complex Complex
We Won't Play
I Don't Care Again
Saved In Chats
Fa Mi May (Dream Away)
Lake Of Fire
World Of The Snowsun
Red Book


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