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The Galloway/Galaxy family- mainstay Glen, brothers Jon and Brian, son Jude, and daughter Mila- phones it in from San Diego, CA. From noise to hip hop to out-jazz, one never knows what to expect from a Soul-Junk release, and that's what's made them one of the most interesting projects around for the last ten years. This set and the group's latest album '1960' come across as Guided By Voices slinging Scripture, and in fact many of the songs are based on psalms or Bible verses. Picking up the family band torch from Danielson (whose Daniel Smith produced '1960'), Glen and his kin create a raucous, joyful indie you'll find yourself humming long after you listen, even if you're not a frequent reader of the Good News.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 10/01/2009


Forever O Lord Your Word Is Settled In Heaven
Persian Earball
Treasure In A Field
Peace Peace Peace

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