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Nate Grace, Jesse Jenkins, and Austin Youngblood phone it in from the Natrix Natrix House in Austin, TX.

Pure ecstasy indeed. The kind of washed out, sun-bleached, reverbed to hell jams labeled 'hypnagogic pop' in the last issue of the Wire (we'll see how long that one sticks) or 'beach-punk' elsewhere. Either way or neither way, PE take the same drugs as New Jersey's Real Estate, creating the blissful soundtrack for an underwater BBQ or your memories of summer. So much mid-range it sounds the same over the phone as it does on record- absolutely fucking perfect, what Transparent Blog nailed as "what it would sound like if the Everley Brothers were the first heartbroken men on the moon."

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 10/03/2009


Back Where I Began
Got No One
You're In It Now


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