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Melissa Kaplan phones it in from Temple City, CA, outside of LA. Normally the music of UHP is a beguiling amalgam of all kinds of electronic pop, but for this rare performance Melissa has stripped things down to just herself and her keyboard, cabaret-style (with the exception of the last track). What it sounds like is sitting in the back of a smoky bar, listening to a smoky chanteuse sing smoky torch songs. Or maybe an empty theater with a ghost playing a grand piano on the stage. From classical to jazz, electronic to Eastern European, there's something in Melissa's songs for everyone, aural puzzles made of pieces from all the wrong sets that still magically add up.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 10/26/2009


Over The Wall [Splashdown]
Quiet Use Of Charm
Sally's Song [abridged]
Katrinah Josephina

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