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Michael Curtis Hilde phones it in from Almaden Valley in San Jose, CA.

Michael is a dude that finds himself at the epicenter of everything that's good about modern psychedelia, having lived in both New York City and the Bay Area; curated an incredible run of shows on both coasts called the Story, with a who's who of the brightest lights in folk and psych (himself included); and put out a slew of releases this year on international freak-focused labels Important, Reverb Worship, Time-Lag, Blackest Rainbow, and 267 Lattajjaa.

But don't call it the year of Mountainhood, cuz' Michael's just getting started. So what does the man sound like? Devendra Banhart is an obvious reference point, owing somewhat to the vocals, but whereas Devendra is chiefly a great songwriter, Mountainhood is, as the name implies, much bigger, and, well far stranger. True, these are some great songs, but Michael draws from all over the place, including elements of drone, raga, and improv into his dream narratives. The results, in the order of this set, include searing instrumentals, jaunty folk-pop, and damaged throat tearing.

So good!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 11/30/2009


Untitled >
Broken Moon
Half My Head Is Gone
Mountain Jugbowl Party Home: The Sequel
The Way I Feel

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