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David Andrew Strackany phones it in from Lutz, FL. Paleo is a machine- on tour, home-less, for almost the entirety of the last four years. And the Song Diary- a song a day, written and posted to his website, for an entire year without fail. And still, the music keeps pouring out. I wouldn't believe he was made of flesh and blood if I hadn't seen him once myself.

Been after this guy for years, and so many questions to ask. How do you do it? What do your parents think? How do you remember all your lyrics? Does the road get lonely? What have you discovered? But the man's got no time for questions; there're songs yet to sing. Of course, it wouldn't matter a whit if those songs weren't worthwhile, but therein lies the magic of the thing- they all are. The great dividing line here, though, is Paleo's voice, a love-it-or-hate-it warble not dissimilar to fellow traveler John McCauley's (he of the Deer Tick). You can guess where I stand. Listening to Paleo reminds me each time of the thrill of discovery of pre-Internet house shows, so no surprise that's mostly where he plays. No bullshit, all magic, real true folk coming soon to a living room near you.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 12/08/2009


Cradle Of Dust
Let Me Down Easy
Empty Chairs
When Money Talks
The Movies
A Moment In The Dark

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