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Talbot Adams phones it in from Oxford, MS. Dude's been in more bands than you can shake a stick at (Las Violetas, Pocket Sirens, Dirty Knives, Royal Pendletons, Darkest Hours, Checkmates, Jenny Jeans, Dutch Masters, Preacher's Kids, Black and Whites, Lover!) but is finally about to step out on his own with an album under his own name, every instrument played by you know who. Remember those halcyon days of pop when Big Star couldn't get their records distributed? Luckily that won't be an issue this time thanks to Douchemaster Records.

I think I found out about Talbot via his membership in Lover!, with whose Rich Crook he shares an obvious affinity for Guided By Voices' take on skewed, anthemic power pop. But whereas Rich is the more likely to drag the beer cooler up onstage, Talbot is the older, wiser, and more introspective Pollard. And while Rich, in our brief encounter, seems to be a really nice guy, somehow Talbot's come to be known as The Nice Guy. He may not like the rep, but to wrap such positive and complex sentiments in such insane and unexpected pop hooks is a feat of songcraft not to be scoffed at. Don't get me wrong, I loves me a good kiss-off, but it's so much harder to write a good love song. Here's five, plus one kiss-off for good measure.

So forget the zeitgeist, cuz' there's nothing as satisfying as a great pop song.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 12/08/2009


To Jack And Jesse, Or Jesse Or Jack
You Dirty Thing
Life Is Good When Cinematic
Summer Days
Green Girl


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