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Boris Paillard phones it in from Simcoe, ON. I'm not sure how I came upon the music of this Frenchman living in Canada, but I'm sure glad I did. Fans of Herman Dune take note! The Chicago Reader (I don't know how these connections are made) sez':

"Like Dylan, Paillard has a weird voice- nasal, wobbly, a little ragged- but deploys it defiantly, singing with a poetic intensity reminiscent of Leonard Cohen and an unself-consciousness that makes me think of Jad Fair. It’s an unsettling and mesmerizing combination."

And that sums it up nicely, the poetics of Cohen delivered with the breathless exuberance of Fair, a combination that shouldn't work at all but that succeeds in spades. There's nothing unsettling about it, really, unless you count the excitement of discovering an otherwise overlooked talent and bridling at the injustice of it all as 'unsettling'.

Here we get a series of songs interspersed- or is it intertwined, it's hard to tell- with poetry, or is it a series of poems that sometimes have music? I guess it doesn't matter, cuz' it's engrossing whatever it is, my favorite kind of show, a rare window into someone else's world.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 12/13/2009


More Of The Same
The Dry River
Insomnia Blues
Old Sweat
Lock, Paper, Scissors
The Arctic Circle
I Became Who You Thought I Was
A Blind Man
The Twist
I Long For The Creature
The Sidewalk Is Too Silent To Be True
Tell Your Neighbour
Sea Of Heads
Letters Make Up Words
Not On The Same Page
On Her Own
Footsteps On The Stairs

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