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Josh Ginsberg, Craig Heed, Doug Bleek, and Ian Miniero phone it in from Valley Stream, NY, on Long Island. Slothbear play a brand of gloriously noisy pop not dissimilar to Times New Viking, whom they resemble mostly in the amount of distortion layered on top of their songs and the effortlessness with which they walk the line between self-consciously sloppy and insipidly inept (that is, handily avoiding sounding like either). Otherwise, they seem to have more actual pop in 'em, the newer songs at times recalling Real Estate even, chiming guitars dueling for mastery over one another until the needle just stops in the red. If your ears bleed, that's OK because it sounds so good. They don't seem to belong to any particular scene, which is refreshing somehow, though I sure hope they start getting out there more. Most write-ups of the band also tend to mention Siltbreeze, which makes sense, and sloths, which doesn't because the sloth bear is actually a species of the latter, not the former. Just sayin'. Anyway, awesome.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 12/13/2009


No Dialogue >
Don't Taunt A Tiger
Tucked In Trees
Little Qid


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