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Multi-instrumentalists Paul Zink and Ashton Albertson phone it in from Farmington Hills, MI, a suburb of Detroit. Both have done time in past PII fever-folk faves the Homeville Circle (and Paul in indiepoppers the 1959 Hat Co.), and probably more. It doesn't take long to hear why the duo might be in high demand. Upcoming album 'Paper Thin Rhapsodies' better be ironically titled, because Paul's songs are anything but flimsy. Fragile or delicate, maybe, but paper thin, heck no! Combining the emotional and the historical, the songs of The Saw Had Eyes That Sea temper isolation with exuberance, and exuberance with nostalgia. Picture a schooner creaking across the plains, with deliberately-plucked guitar and sinuous melodies for its planks, plaintive harmonies and glorious trumpet in its sails. Picture it? In The Song Had Eyes That Sea, you're there.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 12/17/2009


My Darling Virginia
When I Heard Your Voice
Blurred Impressions
Memories And Phone Calls


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