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Dylan Baldi (mem. of Cat Killer, Neon Tongues) phones it in from Cleveland, OH. Incredibly catchy, sophisticated, tight, poignant, classic- I could go on and on- indie rock anthems, run through the blender of modern bedroom whatever-fi. I was shocked when I read Dylan's only 18, and wasn't reared on a heady diet of 90s Superchunk and Chisel. A series of chance connections led to the killer album on Bridgetown Recs and shows with Woods, Real Estate, Daniel Higgs, and more. Shit is taking off like a rocket, and for damn good reason. When it seems like anyone with a MySpace page can get a record released, it's easy to forget that you gotta be able to write a song, and Dylan delivers those in spades. The sound quality gets a little choppy at 'Hey Cool Kid' as the phone starts to die, but even so, it's easy to hear why Cloud Nothings have risen to the top of the heap of whatever it is that Cloud Nothings are.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 01/25/2010


Old Street
I Am Rooftop
Whaddya Wanna Know?
Even If It Works Out
Hey Cool Kid


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