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Jenny Williams, Erin Birgy, Zach Burba, and Kenneth M. Piekarski (mems. of iji, Megabog, Sundance Kids, probably more) phone it in from the Sherwood Coop in Seattle, WA. Don't let the name fool you- there's nothing tiny or allergy-inducing about this Pet Dander. Part of a crew of insanely talented kids in Seattle right now, Jenny's songs deftly incorporate intimate folk, rainy day doo-wop, and DIY grit into something totally beguiling and so, so magical. Enjoy!

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 02/05/2010


Wooden Water
Soggy Heartbeat
Water Baby
Brussels Sprouts
Morning Again
Bring It On Home To Me [Sam Cooke]
Love Letters


Pet Dander on MySpace Wizards of the Ghost Queer As Folk-Pop
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