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Molly Raney phones it in from just across town in Davis, CA. Picture a small woman in front of keyboard, wearing glasses larger than her face and shiny, gold spandex. She could be a figure skater, but would probably be more appropriate on roller skates. She sings loop-y and fun and totally exuberant songs about birds, the future, and birds. I think of Poppet as Bjork singing BJ Snowden songs, or vice versa. To hell with 110%, Poppet gives 150% and it's so, so wonderful.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 02/22/2010


All The Birds
Friends And Not Lovers
Post-Apocalyptic Pelicans
Notes On Unconcerned Truths
Future Fantastic


Poppet on MySpace 'Bird's The Word' at Rainbow Destroyer
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