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Brian Lugo (1/3 of thisbigmonster records, 1/2 of Apply Yourself! with Lindsey Mills, and 1/1 of Brian Lugo) phones it in from suburban Boca Raton, FL, on break from school in Gainesville. It's no surprise that the geography of nowhere produces mostly tepid emo and rap-metal, so it's heartening to hear about DIY and radical music in my home state, even if you have to go to Northern Florida to find it.

Man, I forget how much I love this stuff- pop-punk, folk-punk, whatever. The the immediacy and intensity, the passion and sheer joy of playing, not to mention the hooks. "Life right now is the best inspiration," Brian sings, and ain't that the truth.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 03/09/2010


Old Life
I Live My Broken Dreams [Daniel Johnston]
At My Best
What I Have Is Good


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