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Mikey Hyde and drummer Jon VanDuzee phone it in from Brookfield, CT.

I got a coupla things wrong about Medication right off the bat: Mikey ain't a member of the Estrogen Highs (though Stefan from that band plays in Medication), Brookfield and New Milford are nowhere near New Haven, I confuse JT IV with Hank IV, and the stunning album on HoZac only recently made it to KDVS, but has been out for months. But good goddamn, a little Medication makes it all right. What's the prescription? Start with Jandek's raw desolation, add a touch of Iggy's swagger, Roky's hooks, and lots of reverb- I got a disease and the only cure is reverb!- and you'd be close. The world is sick and wrong, but Medication is so good and so right it hurts.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 03/13/2010


Your Heart
Out Of The Can [J.T. IV]
C'mon Girl
This Town
Don't Die


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