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Mat Cothran (also of Persona La Ave and the September 11ths) phones it in from Columbia, SC. The lo-fi revolution or whatever it is seems to be in full swing in that humid town, with a lotta ink spilled for bands like Toro Y Moi and Washed Out- and they're just the tip o' the proverbial South Carolinian iceberg, with up-and-comers like Phillip Oskar Augustine, The Choir Quit, and now Coma Cinema. Mat's been getting his fair share of blog attention, too, but no one's yet nailed just what makes Coma Cinema so unique. I can't quite pin it down myself, but Mat's able to perfectly combine Pavement's shambolic charm with Guided By Voices' weird emotionalism, creating perfect little guerrilla pop songs along the way. Like a skilled bank robber, Coma Cinema gets in and gets out quick, but never leaves without the goods.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 03/16/2010


Baby Prayers
In Lieu Of Flowers
I Am Your Friend
Come On Apathy
Chasing A Bee [Mercury Rev]
Flower Pills

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