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Katy Davidson (Dear Nora/Lloyd & Michael) Download mp3 | Stream mp3
Katy Davidson phones it in from Portland, OR. Words can't convey how excited this makes me.

If you're anything like me, you've been wondering what Katy Davidson's been up to since the dissolution of Dear Nora a few years ago. (Lloyd & Michael, with Marianna Ritchey, was a satisfying stopgap, but a stopgap nonetheless.) This, then, is an embarrassment of riches- some answers, but more importantly, all new KD songs!

(If you're nothing like me, Dear Nora was a seminal indiepop band on Magic Marker that soon stretched out like an LA highway. As the songs got longer and more layered, so did the wait between album drops, with Katy moving from Oregon to California and back. Her new rock band is called Key Losers, "music equally influenced by capitalism, transportation, networks, alienation, aggression, and Mexican food.")

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 03/23/2010


A Limited Time
A Real Time Here [Lloyd & Michael]
My Friend And I (For Gretchen) [Dear Nora]
With A Cheap Display
I Don't Know Why
Horizon Line
This Feminine Position [The Roches]
Smoggy Mountain High
We Are A Program

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