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Alana Fitzgerald phones it in from White Plains, NY. As a girl who grew up seeing ghosts, it's fitting that her songs create and inhabit a world filled with wide-eyed wonder (and its flipside, true horror), hauntings, and Grimm fairy tales come to life. I'm sure it only helps that Alana actually looks somewhat like Kira from 'The Dark Crystal', which, if you haven't seen it lately, is a really fucked up kids' movie. Bigger Princess may sound familiar like a story from your youth, but dig deeper like you can with any good story, and you'll find something visceral, exciting, and new.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 04/05/2010


You Are Not My Lover
We Haunt The Future
Rose Red
It Will Grow Over
Sparkle And Snow
Paper Wings
White Ghost
Like It Loud


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