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Nedelle Torrisi (Nedelle and Thom), Chris Cohen (The Curtains, Deerhoof), Michael Carreira (YouTube cowbell player extraordinaire), and Aaron Olson (Cobra and Me) phone it in from Oakland, CA, crammed into the living room and plugged into the home stereo.

How do you describe Cryptacize? Well, Nedelle's pristine voice, plus Michael's miniature-kit beats, plus weird, jaunty guitar and keyboard parts equals something wholly unique. Cryptacize's pop songs are like small, inviting mazes, and eminently hummable mazes, at that. Totally awesome, and unlike anyone else.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 03/13/2009


Blue Tears
One Block Wonders
The Cage
New Spell
Tail & Mane


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