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Haley Fohr (ex-Cro Magnon) phones it in from Lafayette, IN. The words 'damaged' and 'fractured' get thrown around a lot these days to describe various lo-fi musics, but frankly are often codewords for amatuerishness. Circuit des Yeux, on the other hand, refills those words with meaning, creating something deeply intense, but also very intentional. An unrecognizable, metalled-to-hell cover of 'I'm On Fire' that sounds like it might be a literal description of the singer? You got it. And of course two gorgeous, gothy/gauzy originals. Harrowing stuff, to say the least, but also beautiful and oddly inspiring.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 05/08/2010


Barrel Down
Prison 3311
I'm On Fire [Bruce Springsteen]


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