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Emily Weiss a.k.a. MLE phones it in from her home in Vacaville, California, one In-n-Out stop away from Davis. Emily made her first splash in the KDVS world with her submission for the 2010 KDVS Music Video Contest, a beautifully crafted live-action and stop-motion animation for "Your Love Is Labor Intensive" (see her MySpace below to watch). Her live performances are equally delightful, with seldom-seen instruments (like an autoharp, and a skipping Joan Baez record creating the beat) and an invitation to doodle in her notebook. These are good winterpop songs, so hunker down with some hot tea and enjoy.

Elisa Hough, KDVS 01/24/2011


Life Without Grace
Citrus Dairy Moon
I Learned Self-Defense in Art Class
Do You Smell the Walnuts?
I'm Avoiding Titling This Song
Please Don't Leave Me


MLE on MySpace Emily's portfolio blog
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