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Maddy Shernock and Zac Bauman make magic together as Oh Foot, who phoned it in from, quite literally, down the street in the DAM House dining room in downtown Davis. The duo is originally from Arcata, CA, but they've made a nice little musical nook for themselves down in the valley.

This set contains mostly songs from their upcoming album, "Mythos," all based on folk tales and legends from around the world. They've done their research, they've been practicing their harmonies, and they've amassed an arsenal of cute instruments. Now they're ready to rock your mythological world.

Elisa Hough, KDVS 02/07/2011


Orpheus and the Underworld
Coyote Steals Fire
Yael and Sisera
My Sharona
La Llorona
I Will Be Silently


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