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Santa Barbara/Isla Vista/Goletaland folk pop team Remambran phone it in from the news studio at our sister station KCSB 91.9 FM at UC Santa Barbara. Mallory Watje, Eliot Burk, Jacob Jaffe and Rebecca Redman are mixed-and-matched members of Backpack, Watercolor Paintings, Girl Band and probably a lot more I don't know about. They may hold the record for most songs played in 30 minutes of this show, and I assure you quantity AND quality. Short and sweet, ya know?

Check out their tape release on Seattle-based Wizards of the Ghost!

Elisa Hough, KDVS 04/04/2011


Spider Web
Nobody (or something)
Belly Full of Bees
Invisible Lines
Strange Omniscience
(El Camino song)
Songs About Girls


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