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KDVS 90.3 FM is holding its annual on-air fundraiser April 18 to 24. It's the only week out of the year that we ask for listener support, raising $60,000 to cover 2/3 of our operating budget.

For this show, I teamed up with my friends Granny Smith, Gwendolyn and DJ Haggis to explain why KDVS is such an indispensable resource for the Sacramento/Davis community and the underground live music scene. It provides so many opportunities and music for listeners and DJs, including my ability to host and podcast this show.

We'll be accepting donations for the rest of the year at, and you get cool gift packages in return, such as my "Phoning It In 2011" compilation. I hope you consider donating to help keep this amazing community radio station on the air.

Also, we sing the Talking Heads' "This Must Be the Place" at the end! It took me hours of practice to be able to sing and play the keyboard at the same time.

Elisa Hough, KDVS 04/18/2011


1. Nick Jaina - No One Gives Their Heart Away
2. Jake Mann - Say It's Fine
3. Karl Blau - The Wrong Stuff
4. MLE - Citrus Dairy Moon
5. Motorbikes - Who Would Have Known?
6. Oh Foot - Coyote Steal Fire
7. Moe Meguro - International Cutie Pies
8. Briana Marela - An Energy So Great
9. The Americans - Handsome Molly
10. Lougow - Are Your Eyes Already Ready
11. Jacob Smigel - The Wrong Burner
12. Dreamdate - Nothing to Me
13. Remambran - DQ
14. Autococoon - Spirulina


KDVS Fundraiser Phoning It In 2011 compilation Complete Pack (compilation, T-shirt, stickers, buttons, bottle opener)
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