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Cetan Clawson phones it in from Monroe, MI. A guitarist since the age of three, he plays some impressive covers and of course some ace originals. Cetan rocks the blues like an old soul, with a bit of classical guitar thrown in at the end, a cross between Steve Vai and Ry Cooder. A guitarist since the age of three (and only nineteen when this was recorded), Cetan's one of the best, rawest, and most unpredictable young guns in Detroit, and that's saying a lot!

Carrie Hadler, BSR 02/08/2007


Downtown Paranoid Blues [Soledad Brothers]
Highway 51 [Curtis Jones, as played by Bob Dylan]
Waves Of The Black Sand >
The City's On Fire
Voodoo Chile [Jimi Hendrix]
Crossroads Guitar Duel
Pride And Joy [Stevie Ray Vaughn]


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