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Morgan Orion and the Constellations- Moritz Schaedler (MoreEats), Nicol Parkinson (Jack F.E), and Irina Jasnowski (Bunny Zewt Suit)- phone it in from the Sherwood Co-op while on tour in Seattle, WA. Who knew that by inviting Morgan to play we'd be getting four great songwriters for the price of one, that the Constellations are in fact a hydra-headed international pop monster connecting the dots between Urbana, IL; Dayton, OH; Brighton, UK; and Liechtenstein! Drawn together from all over the world by a shared love of (anti-)folks like Jeff Lewis, Kimya Dawson, and Herman Dune, the four formed Tri-Lingual Records as the umbrella for their collective output. Unpretentious and unassuming all, the collective's music is joyous, optimistic, and real, the kind of thing that inspires you to write a song, or at the very least to go hug someone.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 07/20/2009


Morgan Orion - Traveling
Morgan Orion - Artichoke Hearts
MoreEats - Wake Me Up
Jack F.E - Untitled
Bunny Zewt Suit - AEIOU
Morgan Orion - Reply To Sender
Morgan Orion - The Day And The Night
Morgan Orion - Better Or Worse


Tri-Lingual Records Morgan on MySpace MoreEats on MySpace Jack F.E on MySpace Bunny Zewt Suit on MySpace
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