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Becky Jean Williams, Miles Biddulph, Linwood Biddulph, Mindy Davis, and Vivian Smith phone it in from Salt Lake City, UT. First heard the Mollies whilst driving across the country, when 'Send Me to the Moon' came on the radio in SLC. Instantly I was smitten. Lyrics so sweet it's no surprise that Becky Jean works for a greeting card company (but don't get me wrong- sweet, not sappy), ecstatically impeccable harmonies, a range of folk influences, including some Gypsy in at least two songs. The Mollies might just be the perfect band. Especially if you want something to listen to while baking a cake. A little more phone static than usual on the recording, but even that can't bring these songs down from their great heights.

Nadav Carmel, KDVS 07/13/2009


Float My Boat
Send Me To The Moon
Nay, Speak No Ill
Star Bits
Boyfriend In A Coma


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